Dezhou Paier Machinery
Equipment Co., Ltd.





   Dezhou Paier Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Dezhou National High-tech Development Zone (Yucheng). The company specializes in the R&D and production of wood-based panel special machine equipment. The company now has a strong number of professional technicians and developers. Some of the key employees come from the wood-based panel production line. They are very familiar with the production process of sheet metal and the requirements of sheet metal equipment. The company combines advanced technology at home and aboard, independently develops a new generation of wood-based panel special machine equipment particleboard equipment with ultra-high cost performance ratio.

Main Products:

       Ring Glue Blender

       Particle Superscreen        Rotary Discharging Mechanism

       Particle Air Sifter

       OSB Glue blender        Homogeneous Forming Machine

    The company's products have been expanding the market with strong quality, super high performance-price ratio and high quality service, thus creating a good reputation in the industry. Our products serve more than 100 particleboard production lines at home and abroad. The original intention of Paier is to learn the technology of foreign advanced equipment, so that domestic enterprises can use the same effect as imported equipment at a cheap price. Paier's manufacturing philosophy is to make high-end particleboard special equipment, win the trust of customers with professional quality, high cost performance ratio is the greatest feature of Paier's products.

Main Products
Ring Glue Blender
Using special wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant inner wall, advanced water cooling technology, custom-made high wear-resistant ceramic mixer for high-end customers
The most advanced zigzag air separator perfectly removes sand and stone from particles and unqualified materials with stable performance and low maintenance cost.
Particle Air Sifter
Particle Superscreen
Rotary Discharging Mechanism
Particle Superscreen, with good screening effect, high efficiency and high productivity of 108-146 cubic meters per hour.
It is used for discharging materials from circular silos to make the discharging materials of dust and granular materials easy to bridge without dead angle or bridge.